Thursday, April 16, 2009

Omaha, somewhere in middle America...

Alvin and I arrived in Omaha NE today.  Barely had time to catch our breath.  Apparently we will be meeting the Governor, two state Senators, two Mayors, a Brigadier General of a major Air Force base, and getting honorary Admiralties in the Nebraska Navy...  Carol is like the eighth wonder of the modern world.  Plus, we tracked down Coney dog (extra long!) at Sonic for Alvin.

Also, a great meeting with Mark Hoeger of Oberon Entertainment.  I am excited to see what chances we might have to work together in the future.  There is something reassuring about the straightforwardness of the mid-West that just makes you wanna shake hands and start working right away -- hard enough to break a sweat before lunch.

We will be on the radio in Tennessee tomorrow before spending the day at the autism conference.  So I have to hit the hay soon.

I would like to point out first a couple quick omissions from our Method Fest posts:
1. I got to see a Christmas movie called Cooper's Camera.  Imagine a far raunchier version of Christmas Vacation...  far far raunchier.  This movie cracked me up to no end, and while I have to careful who I recommend it to, I think it is destined to be a cult classic.

2. How Alvin was not nominated for Breakout Performance is beyond me.  Maybe people don't realize this is his first major on-camera role.

3.  That "The Unidenitified" was not up for Achievement in Low Budget Filmmaking is a travesty.  Other than the Fleck/Boden masterpiece, it was easily the best film I saw at the festival, and it as made for even less than our movie.  The scope was ambitious, covering such physical and emotional terrain, that if I had been told its budget was TEN TIMES what it was I would have remained impressed.  I find it especially disturbing when other nominees submitted incomplete or outright false figures.  If you have not calculated the market value of your back-end points into the budget, you have lied.  Period.  If you have not included the cost of the songs you are using, you are not being honest about what you spent.  If you own the camera you are shooting on, but do not account for that in your actualization, your numbers are false.  For something as genuinely noteworthy to be overlooked in the category of budget management in favor of projects that don't even know how to calculate a budget is just a shade too sad to be comical.

{photo caption: Nicholas Gray (L.) and Alvin Keith (R.) with La Vista Mayor Doug Kindig)

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