Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...WORDS at Method Fest

... been a while since we rapped at ya, as Mr. Hightower would say, but that's because we have been planning for the next big screening!

 If You Could Say It In Words is coming to the L.A. area!  We'll be making our West Coast Premiere at The Method Fest in Calabasas on Sunday March 29, 7 pm. [TICKETS].  Writer/Director Nicholas Gray is in LA as we speak, meeting with three different autism / Asperger's Syndrome groups.  Monday was a terrific session with F.A.C.T.; Tuesday will be the Orange County Asperger's Syndrome Meetup Group, and Wednesday he has a private Q&A session with controversial author Dr. Ronald Leaf. 

Tune in right here as we give you the day-by-day rundown... 
Wish us luck-- and if you're in the area, Angelenos, come on up & see us on Sunday!

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