Thursday, March 26, 2009

The OC and a party -- unrelated

The meet'n'greet last night was fun.  Several bands played (some very good, other less so).  The party was on the grounds of a living museum (obviously, after they had closed for the day... otherwise the lights and PA system would have been WAY out of place), but this meant there was an area with horses and sheep and other farmland creatures.  The band up when I got there was a zydeco outfit.  I was in my element!  So I grabbed my little gift bag and a margarita, and promptly ditched the other filmmakers to go see the horses for a while.

PaSean Wilson, who plays Lucy in the movie, joined me.  We did a little interview about the movie (that hopefully an be heard over the band who was playing at the time), and then circulated about to see who we could meet from the other projects.  Some unintentional comedy happens when you are in a circle of people and everyone has just gotten all twinkle-eyed over the hilarious synopsis of one person's movie; then they ask me what ours is about and suddenly everyone turns all serious -- like the pastor caught them passing notes in church.  The trailers for a bunch of the movies here were being projected onto the side of a barn, so I eventually learned to just point at the right time and say "That one."  

I was keeping an eye out for Max Mayer, from the movie "Adam" -- which is also about a man on the autism spectrum who falls in love.  It is interesting to me that two movies with similar plot but starkly different tones are on the circuit at the same time.  But he will not arrive until tonight in time for his screening.

In news from my outreach work, I met with a support group in Orange County, led by a woman with Asperger's who now works with aspie kids.  A couple of the parents and I had a long talk over coffee about several issues, mostly pertaining to the way the law covers services.  For exampl, there has been a lot of proposed legislation around the country lately that would make services for people on the spectrum more widely covered by state insurance laws, but a great deal of bickering over what services should be included in that coverage.  It would be easy to see this as a bunch of petty differences that need to be put aside to get the bill passed.... UNTIL you hear these mothers discuss the finite but critical difference of therapy that helps with problems that are intrisically damaging to a child (such as self-injury or gaining the proper respect for the dangers of traffic) as opposed people who want to use aversion techniques (read as borderline abusive) to force people with ASD to make more eye contact than they feel comfortable with.

I am off to the gym before Katie arrives today and I move my base of operations from Greg's couch in Hollywood to a hotel near Calabasas.

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