Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"If You Could..." to Debut at the DCFF!

Welcome all to the first of what we hope to be many posts on our new Festival blog. Like most indie film companies-- like most indie companies, period-- we have multiple websites, blogs, social networking communites and virtual sewing circles where we tell the world our business. We hope that this blog will be a rather less formal affair.
But first, the nuts and bolts. If You Could Say It In Words is the first feature produced by A Chip & A Chair Films, LLC, a producing organization of, and for, theatrical and film artists. AC&AC is dedicated to the mission of allowing creative artists to bring life to an uncompromised vision. Our motto: "Because 'independent' doesn't have to mean 'alone'."
If You Could... (or 'IYC', to save our typin' hands) is a nuanced, uncompromising look at a romance in which a painter with undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome challenges a young woman's conventional ideas and his own understanding of love. The film will make its Festival Debut & World Premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 8 @ 9 pm at the Derby City Film Festival in Louisville, KY. In attendance will be writer/director Nicholas Gray, co-producers Adam Eisenstein & Katharine Clark Gray, and lead actor Alvin Keith.
Consider this blog our road diary for all things bizarre that occur as we embark on the madcap festival circuit.
While you're waiting for the silliness to begin, however, please enjoy our trailer by clicking HERE.